The Coles 5
Food Groups

Simply eat the recommended serves from each of the 5 food groups to help achieve a healthier, balanced diet every day.

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Coles Fresh 5 Challenge

1 Serve of protein

One serve of protein is 500 - 600KJ. That’s approximately a palm full of chicken or 2 eggs. Try to eat at least 1 serve per day.

Proteins include lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes and beans.

2 Serves of fruit

A serve of fruit is 350KJ. That’s a handful of berries or two small peaches. Try to eat 2 serves a day.

Fruits include berries, apples, stone fruit and bananas.

3 Serves of Calcium

A serve of calcium is 500-600KJ. That is approximately a tub of yoghurt or 2 slices of cheese. Try to eat 3 serves a day.

Calcium includes cheese, yoghurt and milk.

4 Serves of grains

A serve of grains is 500KJ. This is equal to half a cup of cooked rice or pasta, or one slice of bread. Try to eat 4 serves a day.

Grains include pasta, bread and rice.

5 Serves of vegetables

A serve of vegetables is around 100 – 350KJ. This is a cup of salad or half a cup of cooked greens. Try to eat 5 serves a day.

Vegetables include zucchini, corn, celery, cauliflower and asparagus.