Frequently asked questions
After launching for the first time in 2019, Coles Fresh Stikeez toys are back by popular demand from 12 February 2020. The new program, Stikeez Fresh Friends, features 24 new characters inspired from all our fresh food departments – including Abby Avocado, Benji Bread, and Chip Cheese – as sticky collectable toys for customers to collect, swap and play with.
Receive 1 Stikeez collectable toy for every $30 spent in Coles, Coles Local, Coles Online (maximum of 20 Stikeez), and Coles Express. The Qualifying Spend is calculated after applying all savings and discounts and excludes the purchase of: Coles Insurance products, iTunes cards, gift cards, mobile phone and mobile phone plans, recharge, calling cards, Opal top up, liquor, tobacco and tobacco related product purchases, Uber Eats, eBay, AdBlue, Trailer Hire and Lottery cards.
Fuel at Coles Express is included in the qualifying spend.
Yes, you will be able to receive a Stikeez collectable toy when they spend $30 in-store or on any fuel type at Coles Express.
One Bonus Collectable will be awarded when a customer spends $30 in one transaction and also purchases one or more products from a participating brand or product range. A maximum limit of one Bonus Collectable per participating brand or product range, per transaction applies. Bonus Stikeez toys are not available at Coles Express.
A full list of Coles Supermarket participating brands and product ranges is available here.
When you click ‘proceed to checkout’ to complete your order on the Coles Online website, a pop up will appear asking if you would like to receive Stikeez toys in your order. Select ‘Add and continue’ and ‘Done.’ For more information please see;
There is a total of 24 regular Stikeez toys to collect; 5 rare Special Effects Stikeez toys, including a glittery Connor Corn, a glow-in-the-dark Chip Cheese, a bronze Ella Egg, and a silver Buster Burger, and a very rare gold Avocado.
If your Stikeez collectable toy is a super rare Gold Avocado collectable (only 100 available), you are eligible to win a $100 Coles Gift Card and a brand new Smeg fridge, provided there is a leaflet in the pack with a unique code. Follow the guide on the leaflet and enter the code on Remember to keep your leaflet to claim your prize! 
More details on the competition can be found here.
The Golden Avocado is randomly mixed in with all the Stikeez collectable toys so you will have the chance to win the rare collectable toy when they spend $30 at Coles Express.
No, there is an equal and evenly distributed amount of the regular 24 Stikeez toys. 4 of the 5 Special Effects Stikeez toys are rare, and the Gold Avocado is extremely rare (only 100 available), though all Stikeez toys are randomly distributed across stores in every state and territory.
Each Stikeez collectable toy is sealed in a non-transparent pack. Stikeez as a campaign is modelled on a ‘lucky dip’ blind selection process, with this built in at point of production.
Coles Fresh Stikeez launches on 12 February 2020 and will run for 6 weeks or while stocks last.
The number of eligible Stikeez toys in each transaction will be printed on the bottom of the customer’s receipt or invoice (Coles Online); this total also includes all Bonus Stikeez toys earned in the transaction. You can show this receipt to your nearest Team Member to receive your Free Stikeez toys.
A list of Coles Supermarket participating brands can be found in the campaign Terms & Conditions, which can be found at
From 12th February, you will receive one Bonus Stikeez Collectable toy when they spend $30 on fuel or in-store and also purchase a Sandwich or Wrap product at Coles Express. This offer is only valid at select Coles Express sites and is conditional on product availability.
The Stikeez wrappers are made from responsibly sourced (Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified) paper and are fully recyclable through your kerbside recycling bin at home. There will also be a Stikeez wrapper recycling bin in every Coles Supermarket store nationally for those customers that wish to drop off the paper for Coles to recycle instead.
In addition to the Stikeez wrapper recycling bin, throughout the program you will be able to return your unwanted Stikeez collectable toys, including those from the 2019 edition, and place them in the Stikeez toy recycling bin, which will be available in every Coles Supermarket store nationally. Coles has partnered with a local Australian recycler to ensure all returned Stikeez will be 100% recycled.
There are seven merchandise items available for a limited time and while stocks last:
- Stikeez Collector’s Case & Game Board, to hold the 24 regular Stikeez: $4 RRP
- Stikeez Collector’s Tin: $4 RRP
- Stikeez Plush Toy: $7 RRP
- Stikeez Drink Bottle: $5 RRP
- Stikeez Snack Bowl: $2 RRP
- Stikeez Tumbler: $2 RRP
- Stikeez Plate: $3 RRP
There are three merchandise items available at Coles Express for a limited time, and while stocks last:
- Stikeez Collector’s Case & Game Board, to hold the 24 regular Stikeez: $4 RRP
- Stikeez Collector’s Tin: $4 RRP
- Stikeez Drink Bottle: $5 RRP
Only selected stores will stock Stikeez merchandise; please visit for further details.
The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting schools introducing food education, teaching students to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal, delicious food. As of December 2018, the Foundation is working with more than 2,000 schools and early years centres teaching food education, and this number is growing. The Foundation engages with schools, governments, philanthropists and passionate individual donors to secure ongoing funding. Stay tuned for more detail on how Coles will be partnering with Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden on exciting new initiatives in 2020!
The most creative or unique colouring-in sheet can win Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden for their nominated school or ELC. Simply:
- Collect a colouring in template from your local Coles Supermarket store OR downloadable from
- Complete the colouring in sheet.
- Complete a signed consent form which can be downloaded from
- Take a photo or scan your entry form and coloured sheet and email to For more details, see the T&Cs at